Automated Guided Vehicles

An AGV or Automated Guided Vehicle is usually found in a production or manufacturing facility. These robotic vehicles are used to perform operations that would otherwise be carried out manually, or by forklifts and conveyors.

We often supply these machines because factories do not have space to fully automate the loading and unloading of pallets into our palletisers. These machines are easy to use and can be easily programmed to automatically supply empty pallets and collect full pallets, to and from our palletisers and then taking the finished product directly into your warehouse.

two AGV machines

We also supply these machines for non-palletising applications. Built onto a Linde stacker truck, the Global AGV has a control system built into a standard FLT, which is easy to program and with 360-degree obstruction sensors, very safe, especially on congested shop floors.

Our Machines

Global AGV

AGV or Automated Guided Vehicles, reduce manual processes, which can improve the working environment and increase the company’s productivity. AGV technology can be easily integrated alongside existing operations. The solutions provided by Global AGV are highly flexible too, and so can be changed to map the route of new production flows.