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Packaging solutions from PALpack: Your one-stop-shop for end-of-line automation solutions

End-of-line automation refers to the packaging solutions employed in the final stages of a manufacturing process, where products are weighed, packaged, labelled, palletised and wrapped in preparation for storage or distribution. At PALpack, we work with trusted providers including Lita, Europack, Technipes and VAI to supply equipment for everything from sack-filling and shrink wrapping to check weighing and banding. In this blog, we’ll explore each type of machinery in more detail.
Pick and place

The benefits of a pick and place machine

A pick and place machine is typically used in a manufacturing or industrial environment to pick individual items from one location and place them in another. The automated equipment is accurate and fast and can even place items in a predefined pattern, making processes such as palletising (the stacking of goods onto pallets for transportation or storage) much more efficient.