Global AGV

AGV or Automated Guided Vehicles, reduce manual processes, which can improve the working environment and increase the company’s productivity. AGV technology can be easily integrated alongside existing operations. The solutions provided by Global AGV are highly flexible too, and so can be changed to map the route of new production flows.


Lita palletisers are one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of palletising systems, established in 1962 and are still a family-owned company. They specialise in conventional medium to high paced palletisers including Cartesian palletisers, layer palletisers & de-palletisers, as well as pallet de-stackers and layer card applicators.


The Clevertech group, is the world’s number one supplier of high end multilane, centralised robot palletising cells. This company operates in a range of different sectors, including food & beverages, home care, pet food and personal care, meeting specific requirements of major consumer goods manufacturers.


Europack was established in 1998 by a group of technicians and managers highly experienced in automatic palletising systems and robotic automation. Europack are the inventors of rotating beam palletiser.

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