VAI advanced packaging technology

Packaging future now

VAI has designed, produced and supplied automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines for more than 40 years, with an extremely skilled team of professional specialized in the packaging sector.

About VAI

What makes the difference with VAI is their three values: quality, reliability, flexibility.

They offer highly reliable solutions, with machines that are used for decades. Their packaging machines are made bespoke to customer requirements, paying attention to the design, test and quality checking phases of the development of each custom machine.

What They Offer

Working as a sister company to our palletiser supplier, Europack, VAI (Veneta Automazioni Industriali) is an Italian machinery supplier who has developed a wide product portfolio, including:

  • Semiautomatic lines to weigh and fill open mouth bags
  • Automatic weighing systems “weigh & loss”
  • Automatic weighing systems “net weight”
  • Automatic checkweighers for big dimension bags
  • VFFS packing machines from flat bobbin
  • FFS baling machines from flat bobbin
  • Automatic lines for packing and palletising
  • Special solutions for industrial packaging