Palletising Systems

Manufacturer of high quality end of line machinery

Europack was established in 1998 by a group of technicians and managers highly experienced in automatic palletising systems and robotic automation. Europack are the inventors of rotating beam palletiser, which have often been copied, but by no means to the same degree. No other company has the same amount of experience. The robust nature of their design and the use of high-end components, ensure that once installed, at least 20 years of production should be expected.

Palletiser Machine

Europack is a continuously evolving dynamic company which has supplied systems for handling and palletising all types of packed product. The solutions they design for their customers represent the application of the most advanced end of line technologies.
Research and development, continuous technical updating,  and prompt, decisive assistance, has allowed them to manufacture high reliability and long-lasting production lines.

Rotating Beam Palletisers

Rotating beam palletisers, supplied by Europack are ideal for factories which are short on space, whilst still offering all the flexibility and speed of a 4-axis robot palletiser. Speeds of up to 720 cycles per hour are possible, and so The Winner range has a machine to suit all budgets.

Kinetic Energy Recovery System

Similar to energy regeneration systems on many hybrid cars, the KERS energy saving system, developed with SEW, means that all Europack machines use up to 70% less energy, than conventional robotic palletisers, cutting down on running costs, significantly.

Europack's Palletising Equipment

  • WINNER 250/ER 240 ÷ 300 cycles/hour.
  • WINNER 300/ER 300 ÷ 360 cycles/hour.
  • WINNER 400/ER 360 ÷ 420 cycles/hour.
  • WINNER 500/ER 420 ÷ 480 cycles/hour.
  • WINNER 500/GR 380 ÷ 450 cycles/hour.
  • WINNER 600 GREEN 540 ÷ 600 cycles/hour.
  • SCARA WINNER 800 GREEN 660 ÷ 720 cycles/hour.
Europack sack palletiser
Euopack system