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We are proud to say that PALpack has a faultless reputation with the machines we supply and the support we give to all of our customers. So, once you have purchased a machine from PALpack, we would always recommend that you take out our service contract.

Our trained technicians are fully conversant with all aspects of every machine we supply. Each PALpack technician has been trained at our manufacturer’s factories. This training includes preventative maintenance, fault finding and basic programming. This training is bolstered by their experience in installations all over the UK.

In order that your machine continues to give optimum performance and ensures a long production life, a service contract is always recommended.

Servicing a Europack palletiser

What is involved in a service visit?

Well, we start by speaking with your operators and maintenance team, to find out if there is anything that may be concerning them. These are noted before the service begins. Any issues are addressed during the visit, wherever possible.

1. Visual inspection of wear parts

These are parts that over time, are known to wear, such as bearings, chains, timing belts, pneumatic cylinder seals, conveyor drive pulleys and chains and gripper components. If these parts need to be changed then they will be, if not, but are showing signs of wear, we will list these and notify you that they will need to be changed in the near future.

2. Lubrication

All lubrication points are checked and replenished, where necessary. Some parts need to be inspected to ensure that lubrication is being administered by auto-lubrication systems, which are fitted to our machines.

3. Pneumatic leaks

Compressed air is not cheap to produce, so we ensure that there are no leaks on the machine. This is done by examining all connection points on the machine and then either refitting any pipes that may have worked loose and replace them if necessary. We carry out the same process if any hydraulic system is fitted to your machine.

4. Stretching and wear

There are components on every machine that, after a certain amount of work, will have to be changed. These include chains, timing belts and bearings. We will know when this needs to happen so that we can change these before they start to compromise machine performance.

Backup and support

Finally, our service contracts can be used, not just for a service, but if you have a breakdown, out of warranty, then you can use your service contract visit, without call out charges. You can also use a service visit, for other possible requirements, such as programming new pallet formats.

Our service contracts can be taken one at a time, or our most popular contract is four visits. For this, you pay for three visits and your fourth visit is free.

The cost of our contracts are based on our day rate plus travel time and (if required) hotel expenses.

So, for that peace of mind, we strongly recommend that when purchasing our machines, you always take out our service contract.





Backup & Support