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PALpack are the UK's leading experts in palletising systems, and we are the UK agents for top of the range machinery supplied by European manufacturers.

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Industries We Work In



The fast pace world of food production means there’s an ever increasing demand on process and packaging. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have a track record in the installation of palletisers to help get the job done.



When it comes to bottles and jars, we are experts in the palletising and de-palletising. Whether this is a medium or high-speed palletiser or a pick and place system, we have solutions to load, unload and feed into the bottling halls.

Pet Food

Pet Food

The pet food market in the UK is worth approximately £4 billion, and is growing. The requirements of this demanding industry are very similar to food and beverage and we have an in-depth expertise in the palletising these types of goods for efficient handling.

Aggregates & Grains

Aggregates & Grains

Aggregates and grains are notoriously difficult to palletise and often production facilities use manual labour to carry out the process. However, we have partnered with Europack who have mastered sack palletising perfect for this specific application.



Moving, packing and preparing chemicals for shipping, needs to be as safe as possible. Liquids are normally dispatched in drums, and solids in sacks, cartons and or bails. All of which can be problematic when palletising. Our solutions can be used to safeguard manual handlers.



Our partners are specialists in the field of pharma machinery, and we work with them to offer a full turnkey solution. From processing, through to blister packaging, cartoning and palletising, with track and trace functionality for peace of mind.

Why Choose PALpack

PALpack work with our UK clients to offer practical, technical advice when there is a need to automate palletising.

  • Experts in automation, robotics and engineering project management
  • Over thirty years' experience in the field
  • PALpack engineers are hands on throughout FATs and SATs
  • All our installations are offered with after sales service
  • We offer a UK based spares and service contract
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Managing Director

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Featured Products

Sack Filling

PALpack offers automation solutions for sack filling, weighing and sealing at high speed. We work with trusted European partners who have decades of experience in improving production lines and specialise in reliable, high speed technology.

Robot Palletisers

Robot palletisers are becoming an increasingly popular application. They are capable of assembling mixed pallets as well as palletising different items simultaneously. They are cost effective to install, but robotic palletisers typically are slow speed and low output.


De-palletisers are machines that unload items from the pallets. Using de-palletisers can bring costs and time savings, and also relieve workers from undue physical stress. Palletisers and de-palletisers can play a crucial role in the production process. They are used to transport parts from one line to another during manufacturing.

Handling Systems

Handling systems will be used for handling and the keeping of packages before they arrive at the palletiser. Conveyor systems will be designed according to the typology, plant layout, and also the types of items to be palletised.

Sack Palletising

Sack Palletisers can be configured to process a wide range of sacks and bags. These types of palletisers can help to compress and secure the layers of sacks onto the pallet.


The palletiser automates the stacking process that can otherwise be labour intensive and expensive, putting undue stress on workers. There are many types of palletisers used today, designed to be configured alongside the other production line facilities. Palletising is indeed a critical part of the manufacturing process.

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