Four benefits of developing custom packaging

Although the main role of packaging is usually to prevent damage to a product, custom packaging is much more than just padding and protection. When designed and manufactured well, customised packaging can enhance brand identity and elevate the customer experience, driving sales as a result. Past research from the US found that 72% of shoppers were influenced by a product’s packaging, so it’s worth investing in.
Automation PALpack

Packaging solutions from PALpack: Your one-stop-shop for end-of-line automation solutions

End-of-line automation refers to the packaging solutions employed in the final stages of a manufacturing process, where products are weighed, packaged, labelled, palletised and wrapped in preparation for storage or distribution. At PALpack, we work with trusted providers including Lita, Europack, Technipes and VAI to supply equipment for everything from sack-filling and shrink wrapping to check weighing and banding. In this blog, we’ll explore each type of machinery in more detail.