Sack filling

Investing in automation brings big benefits to manufacturing, so it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are making the decision to introduce robotics such as sack-filling machines into their production lines.

In this blog, we look in more detail at the advantages of these automated pieces of equipment and how they can help boost your business.

What is a sack-filling machine?

At PALpack, we supply and install Vertical Form, Fill, Seal (VFFS) machines, which make, fill and seal bags all on the same machine, making them extremely efficient. Most suited to creating flexible packaging, a roll of film is shaped and sealed to create the required size packages before being filled, sealed closed, and separated ready for storage or onward transportation.

The roll of packaging material is continuous so the operation can be left unattended for hours, allowing thousands of bags to be made and filled automatically, without the need for human intervention.

What are the benefits of sack-filling machines?

VFFS sack-filling machines can be used for anything from aggregates to foods, making them a useful addition to many operations. As we’ve touched on above, it is much faster and more efficient than filling packages by hand, so let’s look at the advantages in more detail:

1. Increased efficiency

Manual packaging is slow and can be prone to errors, which in themselves can be time-consuming to rectify. Automating the process increases your packing rate, making your operations more productive, consistent and reliable.

2. Improved accuracy

Sack-filling machines are precision-engineered, making them far more accurate than a human operative. Each sack or bag is filled with the exact quantity of material required which not only prevents wastage but ensures the final product meets the required production and regulatory standards.

3. Greater consistency

Removing human variability results in a more consistent product – the hallmark of a successful manufacturing operation. A sack-filling machine isn’t affected by illness or holidays, tiredness or a drop in concentration, so you can guarantee the same quality product to your customers every time.

4. Enhanced customer satisfaction

You’re only as good as your last delivery: your customers rely on your ability to deliver a quality product, on time – every time. Sack-filling machines help you to meet these expectations and hit deadlines, improving your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Reduced costs

All of the above points translate into savings. Less wasted product = savings. More consistent products = fewer discounts or refunds offered. Greater customer satisfaction = larger orders and repeat business. Higher production volumes = economies of scale and cost savings. In addition, automating this part of the process allows you to redeploy labour to a part of the business where they can add more value, such as sales or product development.

What to consider when investing in a sack-filling machine

If you’re thinking about introducing a sack-filling machine, there are a few things to consider.

  • Production capacity. Think about your current capacity requirements as well as any future targets.
  • What type of bags or pouches need to be supported by the equipment? A versatile machine that can accommodate different weights and sizes will give you more flexibility.
  • Accuracy and precision. Machines with advanced weighing systems and sensors will help you to be more accurate and reduce errors.
  • What are the maintenance requirements? Ask your supplier about maintenance regimes, downtime and repair costs.
  • Integration with existing systems. Consider how the machine will integrate with your existing systems and processes to avoid disruption.
  • Supplier reputation and support. Choose a reliable provider that understands your business and you can trust. Ask for reviews and testimonials.

There are a host of benefits to automating your packaging processes and getting the right machine in place is a big part of that. See our range of sack-filling machines here or to discuss your needs, contact our team.