Sack filling

Sack-filling machines are already an increasingly popular addition to manufacturing operations and the next generation of machines, from Italian manufacturer Technipes, can improve the speed and efficiency of this part of the process even further.

The company offers the industry’s largest range of packaging machinery for dry products packaged in bulk, automatically opening, filling, measuring or weighing and stacking larger bags and sacks for storage or transportation. The machinery can also be connected to other equipment such as palletisers to provide a complete solution.

About Technipes

Family-owned, Technipes has been manufacturing high-end sack-filling equipment for almost four decades and supplies hundreds of machines every year to industries as varied as mills, food production, agricultural products, animal feed and chemical and building materials.

With a wide range of experience, the company focuses on creating innovative solutions that both address the current needs of businesses as well as anticipate and tackle future challenges. The resulting equipment is cutting-edge and suits all kinds of manufacturing applications from single machines up to high-capacity, fully-automated turnkey packaging solutions.

The range of machines includes:

  • Weighers
  • Valve packers
  • Open mouth bag packers
  • Form fill and seal
  • Gig bag packers
  • Palletisers
  • Conveyors

Let’s look at each of these in turn, to understand more about the features and benefits.

Packaging machinery available from Technipes


Technipes scales are controlled by advanced electronic technology and come in sizes from 10kg to 4,000kg, making them suitable for a wide range of materials. Featuring a weighing bucket floated on load cells and equipped with discharge doors, a choice or combination of six feeder types (screw, twin screw, belt, impeller, vibratory and gravity feeder) precisely measures products of various characteristics. Positive product flow shut off helps to ensure accuracy.

Valve packers

A valve packer is a type of packaging machine to efficiently fill and seal valve bags with powdered or granular materials. Once the bag is filled to the correct level, the valve is closed automatically, sealing the bag to prevent spillage. Technipes packers include the Tecno and Optimo series, the latter of which uses a net-weigh scale to measure and dispense the product. Both can fill up to 1,600 bags an hour and can be fully automated with the addition of the Transfer automated bag placer.

Open mouth bag packers

Valued for their ability to handle a wide range of bag sizes and materials quickly and efficiently. This diverse range includes the manual Pura series, and the semi-automated and fully-automated Futura and Advanta series. All are available in gross weigh or net weigh form and with six possible product feeder types for maximum flexibility. Bags from 1kg to 50kg can be accommodated with bagging speeds of up to 1,200 every hour.

Form fill and seal

There are two different machines in the vertical form fill seal range. The Tecno-V is especially versatile with the ability to form pillow, gusseted, flat bottom, 4-cornered stand up pouches and brick-type vacuum packed bags in small or large sizes. Product can be measured by weight or volume.

Gig bag packers

Specifically designed for packaging products into flexible pre-formed bags such as those used for snacks, sweets, powders or other small items. Systems can include scales and conveyors to aid with the accurate filling, sealing and movement for onward transport or storage.


Three different robotic palletisers deliver low, low-medium and medium-high capacity solutions. All boast a unique combination of programming, bag handling, and conditioning features which deliver a superior stack quality.

PALpack and Technipes

Technipes shares our commitment to redefine industry standards through cutting-edge technology. Working together, and in close collaboration with our other manufacturers, we can now supply turnkey packing lines, from filling bags to palletising them.