Although the main role of packaging is usually to prevent damage to a product, custom packaging is much more than just padding and protection. When designed and manufactured well, customised packaging can enhance brand identity and elevate the customer experience, driving sales as a result. Past research from the US found that 72% of shoppers were influenced by a product’s packaging, so it’s worth investing in.

The benefits of custom packaging

Custom packaging is tailored specifically to the needs and characteristics of a product or brand, incorporating different shapes, colours and materials. There are several reasons for developing a customised design:

  • Better brand image and recognition
    Packaging is often the first point of contact between a product and the consumer, making it an important part of establishing a brand’s image. The inclusion of specific design elements or materials can reflect personality and brand values whilst the repetition of colours, messaging and images across branded packaging and other marketing materials helps to build recognition and awareness. This consistency creates trust and loyalty as consumers are more likely to return to brands they recognise and feel an emotional connection to.Vertical Fill, Form, Seal (VFFS) machines create bags and sacks from rolls of plastic, allowing branding to be printed on each one.
  • Improved customer experience
    Customers prefer packaging that’s convenient, secure, informative and clearly branded – incorporating these elements will improve the customer experience and enhance satisfaction levels. Custom packaging ticks all these boxes, providing better protection for goods and usability for customers as it’s tailored to the product’s specific needs. It communicates essential information to help consumers make informed choices, whilst features such as easy-open designs, clear windows, or tamper-proof fastenings make the packaging easier to use and more effective.
  • Marketing opportunities
    Creating clever or eye-catching packaging is a great way to stand out and stay memorable, both at the point of purchase and beyond. The more unique the packaging, the more likely consumers are to share photos on social media or for unboxing videos, increasing brand awareness. Custom packaging can also reinforce brand values and attract customers with aligning views. For example, brands with eco-friendly products may choose to use more sustainable packaging options, for which there is a growing consumer demand: 81% of UK consumers prefer environmentally friendly packaging materials.
  • Cost savings
    Designing custom packing brings other benefits over and above marketing and brand awareness. Choosing a lower cost material delivers an immediate reduction in costs whilst developing packaging that offers higher protection or tessellates better can bring about longer-term savings through a reduction in damaged products and better storage solutions. Custom packaging can also be made to the exact size required, reducing waste or unnecessary transport costs. VFFS machines can make bags and sacks to any size.

Implementing custom packaging solutions

There are two parts to implementing custom packaging solutions: design and manufacture.

When designing new packaging, thorough market and competitor research is essential to understand customer preferences and other offerings. This also ensures the packaging aligns with the brand identity and meets the product’s needs. Then, the development of a prototype allows for testing to assess functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal and to collect feedback from customers and other stakeholders. Once finalised and implemented, feedback should continue so adjustments can be made as necessary.

Partnering with the right packaging equipment company is vital for successful implementation and to ensure the packaging meets both visual and practical needs. Providers should be able to demonstrate:

  • a proven track record
  • advanced technology
  • strong customer support
  • industry-specific experience

Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence or testimonials to prove this; a good provider will be happy to help.