In 2018 we ordered a large palletising system from Lita Palletisers in Italy. Our palletiser was also supplied with an integrated Tosa pallet wrapper.  I felt confident working with Palpack because their MD Dave Wood is someone I have known for a number of years. Palpack’s approach to capital equipment sales, is one of a technical nature and they spent a lot of time measuring our shop floor, ensuring that the new equipment fitted into, what was a tight space. The machine was delivered on a Friday lunchtime, Palpacks engineers were on site waiting for the machine and by Sunday evening the whole system was installed, wired up and ready for commissioning by Lita Technicians. By Tuesday the machine was up and running and in full production. Since installation Palpack’s back up and support has been exceptionally good and we are happy to work with Palpack again and we are currently working on a second installation using them.