The use of robots in manufacturing globally has doubled in the last five years, but the UK is struggling to keep pace with this speed of growth. It’s a worrying trend that could explain why some manufacturers are losing work to their overseas competitors.

In this article, we look at how robots can give your business a leading edge.

Robots for manufacturing – a leading edge

Automated robots are helping manufacturers to boost their productivity without relying on a large workforce, and, at the same time, reduce their overheads. 

Unlike their human counterparts, robots can consistently produce work to a high standard without getting tired or needing a break. This gives manufacturers the option to run their operations 24/7 without the cost of taking on extra staff or compromising on quality.

In practice, this means they have the flexibility to scale-up production quickly and take advantage of high demand when it’s there. Those businesses that are resisting the move towards automation, risk getting left behind – unable to compete on lead time or price.

Investing now for long-term benefits

The upfront cost of machinery may seem like a barrier to entry, but over the long term, businesses stand to gain financially by investing in automation.  

Replacing human operatives stops manufacturers being overly reliant on having a large workforce. The outcome is a vastly reduced labour bill and a cut in associated costs, such as:

  • injury pay-outs 
  • sick leave
  • downtime due to staff absence 

You can also expect to save money on wasted raw material and costly mistakes that can happen when operatives are tired or still training.

Introducing robots into the manufacturing process promises a quicker throughput, so you can produce more. This increase in productivity combined with a reduction in overall costs has the potential to boost profits.

You can continue reading about this in our article, ‘Why invest in automation?’.

Government incentives for manufacturers

To incentivise the use of robots for manufacturing, the government is offering a significant tax rebate on qualifying capital expenditure

As part of the government’s plan to encourage the take-up of automation, UK businesses can offset 130% of the cost of new machinery against their tax bill. 

In practice, this means that until March 2023 for every £1 you invest in automation equipment, you will save 25p in tax.

So, why use robots in manufacturing?

Automated robots are helping manufacturers to boost productivity and cut costs. 

All of this means that they can compete in a global market where the number of robots per 10,000 employees is more than in the UK. 

When it comes to the take-up of new technology, the government’s tax incentives are a good starting point, but manufacturers are also struggling with a fear of the unknown. 

PALpack is helping businesses to overcome this by working with them to identify places they can introduce automation and stay ahead of their competition. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve efficiency and boost your profit margin.