Efficiency is a key factor in the success of any business but in food and beverage production, where price margins and regulatory compliance come to the fore, it is particularly important. So, it’s no wonder that businesses are increasingly investing in ways to improve efficiency – one of which is automation.

Equipment such as palletisers and de-palletisers offer numerous benefits to those looking to improve efficiency, including streamlined processes, reduced manual labour, fewer errors and minimal downtime. Goods can be handled swiftly and accurately throughout the entire production line 24/7, significantly increasing throughput and speeding up the overall manufacturing process as a result.

This premium gin manufacturer worked with us to add a palletiser to their operations and saw a significant difference:

“Since our machine was installed last February our line efficiency has improved dramatically with little or no downtime recorded for technical issues.”

Production line automation

Packing and moving goods by hand can be slow and repetitive, lead to inconsistencies and result in manual handling injuries to staff. Automatic machines bring a number of benefits and can be configured alongside other production line facilities to optimise the whole operation.
De-palletisers unload products from pallets quickly and easily, separating the goods from the pallets and placing them onto another conveyor to be moved further along the production line. This results in faster production cycles and reduces the risk of human injury or errors.

Palletisers can pick and place packages, sorting them onto a pallet in a predetermined configuration. Once the pallet is fully loaded, it is removed by a forklift, pallet jack, or other handling equipment and replaced with an empty one before the process begins again.

Automated sack filling machines streamline the packaging and labelling processes. Automated machines can efficiently fill, seal, and label products, reducing manual labour and ensuring uniformity in packaging. This leads to increased productivity, improved brand image and greater customer satisfaction.

A Lita palletiser in use in a manufacturing facility

A bespoke solution

There are many different palletisers and de-palletisers available from medium or high-speed palletisers to pick and place systems, so whatever the requirement we have solutions to load, unload and feed into the bottling halls.

Machines can also be configured alongside other production line facilities and include bespoke elements – such as the pallet wrapper specified by this premier bottled water supplier:

“In 2018 we ordered a large palletising system from Lita Palletisers in Italy. Our palletiser was also supplied with an integrated Tosa pallet wrapper. The machine was delivered on a Friday lunchtime. PALpack’s engineers were on site waiting for the machine and by Sunday evening the whole system was installed, wired up and ready for commissioning by Lita technicians. By Tuesday the machine was up and running and in full production. Since installation, PALpack’s back up and support has been exceptionally good and we are already working on a second installation with them.”

Maintaining efficiency

Efficiency is particularly critical in the food and beverage sector so as the industry evolves and becomes ever more competitive, integrating automation will become crucial if manufacturers want to increase productivity, meet consumer expectations and achieve sustainable growth.