How do you find an automation supplier you can rely on? Recommendations from similar businesses in your industry – even competitors – is one way, but if this is lacking, then you’ll need to look for alternative ways of choosing an automation supplier.

Testimonials and case studies

Proven experience is the best way of checking that a supplier can do what they say. Most successful businesses have customer testimonials or case studies on their website, that can give an objective insight into how they perform.

PALpack has been in the automation industry for over 25 years and our customers consistently rate us highly. What’s more, they are happy to keep inviting us back into their business to work with them on automating their systems and processes.

Do your business goals align?

It’s important to make sure that your business goals align with your vendor’s. You’ll get a sense of their personality and ethos from their website, but the first meeting is where you’ll get to know what really makes them tick as people. 

PALpack’s founder, Dave Wood, started his career as a mechanical engineering apprentice. He worked up from there, first gaining qualifications and then experience – earning his name in the automation industry.

As a consultant and strategist, his goal is to help manufacturers improve production and workflow, so they can increase efficiencies and reduce their costs. 

Asking the right questions

A good automation supplier knows the value of asking the right questions. Just some of the questions we might ask our customers, include: 

  • do you already have an area of automation that’s working well? 
  • where are the pinch-points in your manufacturing process? 
  • what space/scope do you have to fit an automation system now?
  • are you likely to expand your automation process in the future?

“We take a solutions-based approach at PALpack. We don’t recommend brands or models, we focus on meeting our customer’s individual specific needs,” said Dave.

“To get to that point, we invest time in listening to our customers, so we understand their business well enough to identify where we can add value.”

Choosing an automation supplier

Ultimately, choosing an automation supplier is about finding the right fit for your business. Everyone involved needs to know they are working towards the same outcome, and agree on how they’re going to get there. If you can find a supplier that will help you achieve your business goals, you’re already halfway to meeting them.