The latest sack palletiser from Europack boasts incredibly high speeds, with a rate of 1200 sack per hour.

Europack certainly know what they are doing when it comes to this kind of palletiser. It’s not just palletising, but how the bag is prepared before it’s collected. If you watch the video closely, you will notice, when it places the first bag on each layer, it slows down. This is to measure any fluctuation in the stack height. This stops any accumulative errors.

It comes as no real surprise, Europack are market leaders in automatic materials handling systems and solutions. They’re already renowned for the Rotating Beam Palletisers, with its unrivaled performance, it far outweighs the other competition.

We are delighted to be the UK Agent for Europack. Their commitment to research and development, continuous technical updating, and prompt, decisive assistance, has allowed them to manufacture high reliability and long-lasting production lines.