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Our partners at Global AGV recently announced that the payback period for some of its automated guided vehicles is less than one year. With such a quick return on investment, would it make more financial sense to replace manpower with an automation system? We think so, and here’s why.

Reduced labour costs

Labour is the biggest outlay for most businesses, and if you have a large workforce with more than one shift then you are probably paying out more than you would like. Automating some of the more manual jobs will reduce headcount and save money on your direct costs.

Saving on your wage bill will help you pay off the cost of your automation system quicker. We estimate that you will see a return on investment after just 12 months.

Increase in productivity

People tire, they have accidents, and even lose concentration near the end of a long shift. Machines don’t – they are able to work 24/7 without a reduction in productivity. Their results are consistent, and you can rely on their continued output over the course of a day, a week, or even a year.

What’s more by taking away the burden of heavy-duty manual processes you can cut down on common injuries to your workforce, from knee strain to pulled backs.

Automation systems

An automated guidance vehicle (AGV) is just one way of automating a repetitive manual process in a production or manufacturing facility. These robotic vehicles can be programmed to do whatever you need, for example, picking up empty pallets or returning loaded pallets to the warehouse.

These machines are energy efficient, low cost to run, and packed with other benefits, such as:

    • quick and easy installation
    • seamless integration into existing operations
    • flexible programming for workflow changes
    • 360° obstruction sensors for safety
    • No need for added infrastructure, which means our AGVs do not require magnetic guide strips embedded into your shop floor, as we use a GPS system
    • The programming of the Global system, is done by simply walking the AGV through the path you wish the AGV to travel in
    • Two weeks lead time for delivery and two to three days installation and training

The cost of buying machinery shouldn’t be a barrier to businesses looking to update their systems and processes. With payback in one year, you can invest in the future knowing that you’ll see a return on investment quicker than you think.

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