Global AGV case study

PALpack have recently installed a Global AGV system into one of the UK’s leading parcel distributors. The criteria for this project was that a machine had to be supplied for a two-week trial period and it also had to be supplied very quickly. This outline made it almost impossible for most suppliers of AGV, due to significant infrastructure which had to be installed, before any AGV could operate. Also, the paths that needed to be taken by the AGV would have to be programmed and dedicated software had to be written.

Global AGVs are in stock, with around 150 machines available for immediate delivery. The Global system is unique, in that there is no software to be written and no infrastructure needed. Our machine was delivered within two weeks of the order being placed. Our engineer then went to site and installed the machine in three days. Our AGV has ground-breaking software, so we “walk” the AGV around the factory, whilst a built-in scanner maps the entire factory. Once this is done, the resulting map is stored inside the machine, simply picking the pick-up and put-down points and drawing lines between these positions, finishing the programming.

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PALpack is the UK’s agent for Global AGV, and we’ve been leaders in automation for over 25 years. We work closely with you to ensure your specifications are met, and the automation works exactly as required. For more information, please get in touch – we’d be happy to discuss your requirements with you.