Like many industries, the automation marketplace is filled with suppliers all claiming to offer the highest quality products and the best value. So, how can you be confident that you’re picking a supplier that will meet the needs of your business? In this blog, we look at what makes a good robot manufacturer so you can make a well-informed decision.

Robot manufacturers – what to expect

Good robot manufacturers share many of the same characteristics, and these traits are what set them apart from their competition.

Just a handful of the features that mark out a reliable manufacturer include: 

  • experience 
  • communication 
  • aftercare 
  • documentation

At PALpack, we only work with robot manufacturers that can prove they excel in these four areas.  

Experience in the automation industry

There is no substitute for proven experience in the automation industry. Manufacturers that have been operating for several years have first-hand knowledge of how it works in practice, which puts them in an ideal position to help businesses that want to streamline their production processes.

How long a manufacturer has been running is a good indicator of how experienced they are in automation.

The Danish manufacturer behind the Global AGV has supplied more than two thousand machines to businesses across Europe and the US since it was established in 1988 – and this experience is one of the reasons we like working with them at PALpack.

Communication and aftercare service

How responsive a robot manufacturer is says a lot about them and their policies on customer service. In the automation industry, communication is particularly important at the beginning and end of the buying process, which is why we’ve combined it with aftercare.

At the start of the process, a good manufacturer will work with a business to understand what they need before they start designing a solution. 

We look for these attributes in our preferred suppliers, like Italian manufacturer, Europack, which promises a customised design, a responsive service, and technical support from beginning to end.

Issuing the right documentation

Robots and other automated machinery have to meet certain industry standards to be deemed fit for use in a real-world environment. Ensuring the machinery and the company has the credentials to issue the right documentation is key to selecting a manufacturer.  

Choosing a robot manufacturer

When it comes to choosing a robot manufacturer, it’s often easier to hand the decision over to an expert and that’s where manufacturing automation consultants can help. 

PALpack’s Managing Director, Dave Wood, has over thirty years’ experience in the industry, and he is passionate about helping business owners introduce automation into their production lines. 

When you work with a consultancy like PALpack, you are guaranteed an impartial opinion, because unlike the manufacturers, we have nothing to gain from recommending one company over another.

We only work with robot manufacturers that we firmly believe can meet the criteria we’ve outlined in this post, so our clients can rest assured that they’re in good hands.