Automation agent for Lita and other European manufacturers, PALpack operates across the UK and Ireland.

We’ve written recently about automation allowing businesses to continue pretty much as normal throughout the pandemic, when those relying on manual labour have been forced to shut down – and we’ve seen this on both sides of the Irish Sea. Because PALpack’s territory covers both the UK and Ireland, we travel across both countries regularly to visit customers, carrying out installations and servicing of our top-of-the-range machinery.

Palletisers in Ireland

We tend to find that Lita machinery is very popular for palletising systems in Ireland, as Lita has been around since 1962 – reliable and future-proof.

As we work with manufacturers in industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food production, we offer brands that achieve the most effective results for a specific stage of the packing process. As well as Lita, PALpack works with Europack, Global AGV and Clevertech for end of line, palletising, de-palletising and AGV automation solutions.

Automation support in Ireland

PALpack’s engineers carry out all installations on-site, and we have local engineering support partners in Ireland to service and maintain the equipment.


Because PALpack’s machinery partners are based in the EU, supplying our Irish customers with automation solutions will pose no problem. You can be confident that orders and turnaround times aren’t affected by Brexit.