PALpack has strengthened its automation portfolio, now offering sack filling automation solutions from European manufacturer VAI.

About VAI

VAI is an Italian company which has designed and supplied automatic and semi-automatic automation solutions for over 40 years. VAI stands for Veneta Automazioni Industriali, meaning Venetian Industrial Automation, and they specialise in advanced packaging technology. VAI is a sister company of PALpack’s long-term partner, Europack.

Offering a wide range of bespoke automation solutions, VAI focuses on sack and bag filling, and working alongside Europack, they often supply turnkey production lines, including Europack’s palletising systems.

The company boasts quality, reliability and flexibility for each stage of product concept and design, packaging solution development, assembly and testing. Vai is an innovative manufacturer who offers multi-industry experience for their custom builds.

Speaking about the new partnership, PALpack Director Dave Wood said, “I’m excited to offer our customers a wider range of automation solutions. With their industry experience and excellent reputation, VAI is a great company to partner with and I look forward to installing our first VAI system.”

Sack filling

PALpack have offered sack palletising for some time, and now with VAI, we can offer the process step before this – automated sack filling, for food and non-food products. VAI’s automatic systems have the capacity to fill up to 1500 bags per hour.

Products that can be bagged include:

  • Dry food like flour, pasta, sugar, rice, biscuits and seeds
  • Pellet products
  • Construction products like cement and mortar
  • Animal feed

In addition to their packaging systems, options for add-ons include weighing and dosing.

Want to learn more about sack filling?

More and more manufacturers are making moves to introduce automation into their production lines. Sack filling can be a very manual and messy process, so you wouldn’t be alone in considering a faster and more efficient method of this task.

PALpack has been working with automated machinery for over 25 years, and are experts in designing and implementing systems that work. Get in touch with PALpack to discuss how a sack filling machine can benefit your production.